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Video grabado por periodistas de la revista, donde muestran como policias rasos (tombos) en Bogotá, Colombia montan un retén ilegal y piden dinero a conductores embriagados (borrachos) para no llamar a otros policías del area de Tránsito (chupas) que les impongan una multa de $460.000 (230 dólares)y les inmovilice el auto y le cancele la licencia de conduccion (pase) por 2 años. Luego de pagar $20.000 A $50.000 (10 a 25 dólares)los policias dejan ir al borracho con su carro. 


"Lucky 13" is the latest film from the Colombian director David Caneva Akle.  It tackles one of the most serious and immediate issues for the City Mayor of London: cycling safely on London’s streets. This film explores the human condition from its very simple course of action.  It is currently showing on Shooting People (a U.K film network.), where it is an entrant for its "Film of the month” contest.  It shows a sincere narrative about love and tragedy, and also how to rediscover life by using poetry as a tool for healing. It is a film about the accidents that happen to ordinary people, a subject matter that isn’t portrayed in any pessimistic way, but with determination and hope that you should want to watch, comment and rate. Here is the link to the movie.
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